Età Ciccio Graziani

Età Ciccio Graziani, To this day, Graziani lives and works in the city of Rome. He began his football career with Bettini Quadraro before moving on to Arezzo and then Torino in 1973. He was a prolific and physically intimidating striker.

It was on November 18, 1973 against Sampdoria that Graziani made his Serie A debut and scored his first goal in the top tier of Italian football.

Età Ciccio Graziani
Età Ciccio Graziani

There were 289 games played by Graziani for Torino, with 122 goals scored in total: 221 in the league, 17 in the Coppa Italia, and 23 in European competition. In 1975–76, he won the Scudetto.

Graziani went on to score 21 goals in Serie A the following season, becoming the league’s leading scorer. He and Paolo Pulici formed the infamous goal-scoring duo known as “Gemelli del gol.”

Torino reached the Coppa Italia final in 1980, but he was one of the players who missed his penalty in the shoot-out defeat to Roma at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, which resulted in Torino losing the tournament.

As of December 16, 1952, the only known birthdate for Graziani is his native Subiaco, Italy. The son of a bricklayer and a housewife, he started out in Vis Subiaco before making the leap to Bettini Quadraro in Rome.

Two years after moving from Arezzo to Turin, his card was purchased by the Turin club, which had always been among the top teams in the league: eight years, a historic championship, and 97 goals. As one half of the “goal twins,” he and Pulici have become household names in Italian soccer.

At Fiorentina and Roma, he won two Italian Cups and reached the final of the Champions League (he missed a penalty). He retires from racing at Udinese after a brief appearance in Australia.

Governini del Susanna Governini has been his wife for over 50 years. Father and son tried to follow in their father’s footsteps for a while, but things didn’t work out so well for them.

Fiorentina was his first team as a coach. However, after his playing career, most people remember him as Cervia’s coach for two seasons.

Born on December 16, 1952, Francesco Graziani began his football career with the Italian national team, Vis Subiaco and Bettini Quadraro before moving to Turin in 1973 to play for the Serie A club ‘Arezzo.

Età Ciccio Graziani
Età Ciccio Graziani

Ciccio spent eight seasons with Piedmont, appearing in 289 games and scoring 122 grenade goals.

He will play for Fiorentina, Roma, Udinese, and APIA Leichhardt, the Australian team where he will end his career, all while winning two Italian Cups with the Giallorossi.

64 appearances for the national team, including the 1978 and 1982 World Cups, where he was substituted in the final due to an injury, were his only appearances for the national side.

Fiorentina was his first club, but many people remember him as the coach of Cervia for two seasons, during the Champions League programme – The Dream.

For nearly 50 years, Ciccio Graziani has been married to Susanna Governini, whom he first met in their teens. Their two children, Valentina and Gabriele, both became professional footballers, following in their father’s footsteps.

Ciccio Graziani, Amadeus’ guest, must decide whether or not to compete in Soliti Ignoti on October 13th, 2021. Soliti Ignoti-The return of former footballer and coach Ignoti is clearly for charitable purposes.

While we’re waiting to see how he handles changing personas, we learn more about his personal life. As of December 16, 1952, Ciccio is 69 years old; he stands at 1 metre and 80 centimetres in height and weighs approximately 76 kilogrammes; he was born in Subiaco in the province of Rome.

Graziani saved the life of a little girl who was found unconscious in a swimming pool while on vacation: the lifeguard brought her back to the surface, but only Ciccio noticed the airways were blocked by chewing gum, which he removed and allowed the child to breathe. Instead, he was hurt badly last year when he fell at home and broke several bones, necessitating a lengthy hospital stay.

Età Ciccio Graziani

In 1973, Turin became the first team to play in Serie A. He’ll score 97 goals while donning the grenade shirt 222 times in his career. In the 1975-76 season, he also won the championship with the Piedmontese team.