Mara Venier Peso

Mara Venier Peso, Mara Venier, a pseudonym for Mara Povoleri, was born in Venice on October 20, 1950, and is a television presenter. She has a height of 167cm and a weight of around 66kg for someone who is approaching the age of seventy. She has the zodiac sign of Libra in her horoscope.

As for her personal life, the TV host has been married three times: once to actor Francesco Ferracini, whom she met in Mestre and had a brief relationship with; twice to businessman Jerry Calà, from whom she divorced three years later; and once to entrepreneur Nicola Carraro.

Mara Venier Peso
Mara Venier Peso

In between, she had affairs with actors like Pier Paolo Capponi, Renzo Arbore, and Armand Assante, an Italian-American. There were two children born to Mara Venier: Elisabetta, from her first marriage to Ferracini, and Paolo, from her second marriage to Pier Paolo Capponi.

As a grandmother, Venier has two great-grandsons, Giulio and Claudio. As if that wasn’t enough, the speaker is also very active on social media.

Mara Venier began her career in the entertainment industry as an actress. P aparazzi, I’ll be back to live alone, and Christmas holidays in Cortina are a few of her films.

In the late 1980s, Mara made her television debut as a host, and she was a big hit in the 1990s when she hosted Rai 1 Domenica in Lei’s afternoon show.

Once her acting career was finished with in 1998, she decided to focus solely on presenting for television.

She co-hosted Rai 1’s afternoon show La vita live with Lamberto Sposini and later with Marco Liorni from 2010 to 2013, which received high ratings.

Other television projects include Luna park (Rai 1, 1994-1997), La zingara (Rai 1, 1995-1996), Lo Zecchino d’Oro (Rai 1, 2005, 2021), The island of the famous (Rai 2, 2007-2008; Canale 5, 2015-2016, 2018), The farm (Canale 5, 2009), Telethon (Rai 1, 2010-2013, 2016), Good afternoon Italy! (Rai 1, 2011-2013), Tu S que vales (Canale 5, 2014-2017), The door of dreams (Rai 1, 2019-2020) and A voice for Padre Pio (Rai 1, 2021).

This evening, July 4, Rai1 will air the twenty-second edition of Una voce per Padre Pio, an all-star musical benefit featuring Mara Venier for the first time ever at 9.20 p.m. local time. The event will feature a wide range of guests, including the winner of Amici 20 Giulia Stabile and the Italian singer Orietta Berti.

Mara Venier Peso
Mara Venier Peso

Let’s learn more about Aunt Mara’s private and public life while we wait for the show. Please tell me her age, please. She is married, isn’t she? Do you have any children? How did you begin your long career in the Italian entertainment industry? Discover the answers to these and many more intriguing questions.

“I’ve cut out alcohol and sweets, but I still eat carbs, albeit in moderation, and I occasionally treat myself to sorbet. However, it is imperative that you try to move.

In the Dominican Republic, my husband Nicola (Carraro ed) went golfing while I walked for at least 50 minutes. He’s back in Rome now, and he’ll be working out with a personal trainer “, it’s a.

“I’m against it, mainly because I believe that at 60, you can’t try to prove 40: you’ll become pathetic. However, a few months ago, I decided that I wanted to undergo blepharoplasty (eyelid tightening surgery) (a procedure for correcting the eyelids, in order to remove fatty bags or reduce wrinkles). Because of my fear, I called a surgeon and set up an appointment, but then I cancelled it all “For more information, please see the following links: and

Whatever you want to call her, Mara Venier is still one of the most adored women on Italian television.

Since her first appearance on the show, she has maintained her simplicity, her charm characterised by irresistible femininity, her marked irony, and infinite sensitivity.

The famous presenter was able to play both the role of a spotlight star and a typical Italian mother, always ready to listen and affectionate.

In 1973, Mara Venier was cast in Sergio Capogna’s Diario di un Italiano, making her screen debut immediately after her debut on stage. However, in the same year, she made her television debut in Dario Argento’s miniseries The door to the dark and her professional career officially began.

Mara Venier Peso

In the 1980s and 1990s, the star of television and the big screen worked primarily in film productions; it was only later that she transitioned into the role of expert TV presenter and columnist.

Mara Venier was born in Venice in 1950 and moved to Mestre with her family. Elisabetta was born in 1967, when she and her then-partner Francesco Ferracini became parents for the first time; she was just 19 at the time. Mara joins her husband in the capital, where they are married, and then returns to their home village. In Rome, she’ll have a much easier time breaking into the film industry.